Our Programs & Technology

ZEN Maker Lab currently offers the following maker services at our lab or as a package to go.

Kids Birthday Parties

Vibrobug robots, 3D printing and more

Kids Camps

Our Spring and Summer break camps fill up quickly. Online or F2F

In-School Programs

We can bring the maker lab to you!

Service Work

Let us help with your next engineering project

Laser Cutting

Learn about vector based graphics, raster imaging, and how to use a laser cutter in your projects

3D Printing

Learn all about 3D printing from model design to machine maintenance and procedure

 Why Zen Maker Lab Is The Right Choice For Your Needs

Why Zen Maker Lab Is The Right Choice For Your Needs

  • 3D printers, scanners, design software, laser cutters, CNC mill & lathe, electronics, craft & hardware supplies along with e-Learning modules & support for teachers.
  • Localized curriculum mapped projects for K-12 students & teachers.
  • Digital maker platform includes e-learning modules, online communities, support forums & digital portfolios.
  • Teacher training & support.
  • Convenient subscription service which includes projects & equipment updates & maintenance.

Happy Customers

Weekly programs in our online Zen Maker Academy from June 1 to August 31.

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