Maker Lab 2 Go - Let us bring the maker lab to you

Now we can come to you with our Maker Lab 2 Go portable maker lab! We mainly serve the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia but depending on the scope of your needs, we can also sometimes make it further out to Vancouver Island, the Interior and beyond.

After School Programs

With our Maker Tech 2 Go van, we are taking our highly acclaimed Zen Maker Lab after school program on the road to schools and community centres in North Vancouver and West Vancouver, British Columbia.

Mondays, 4 to 5:30 pm at Zen Maker Lab in North Vancouver, 280 East 1st Street -- 5 weeks, Oct. 3rd to Nov. 7th (info | register)

Tuesdays, 4 to 5:30 pm at Parkgate Community Centre in North Vancouver, 3625 Banff Court - 5 week and 10 week program, Oct. 4th to Nov. 1st and Nov. 8th to Dec. 6th (info | register)

Wednesdays, 3:20 to 4:50 pm at Brockton Preparatory School in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver, 3467 Duval Road, Oct. 5th to Dec. 14th, 10 week program (info | register)

Thursdays, 3:05 to 4:35 pm at Braemar Elementary School in North Vancouver, 7 week program, Oct. 6th to Nov. 10th (info | register)

Fridays, 4:30 to 6:00 pm at the West Vancouver Community Centre, 2121 Marine Drive - 5 week and 10 week programs, Oct. 7th to Nov. 4th and Nov. 11th to Dec. 9th (info | register)

Mobile Shared Maker Lab

Don’t have the budget or in-house expertise to safely maintain a permanent, well-equipped maker lab? We can set up a maker lab at your school or organization on a regular but part time basis, e.g. every Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm. We provide one of our technicians who can help support teachers and students on using the equipment. We can  either act in support of teacher's engaging their classes with maker projects or can deliver some of our own maker lessons for students that are tied into the new BC curriculum.

Prices with technician support included: 

$1200 for one day a month

$2300 for two days a month

$4000 for one day each week for a month

Our availability is filling up quickly for the fall.


In-Class Workshops

We can come into your classroom and lead an engaging maker project. It’s a great way for knowledge transfer to your school’s teachers as well. Topics include 3D Design and 3D Printing, Introduction to Electronics and Arduinos, and Vibrobots. It’s a great way for knowledge transfer to your school’s teachers as well.


In-School Events

Our school Maker Tech Day is a great way to introduce maker lab technology and coding to your school. All we require is a gym or large classroom to set up for the day. We can cycle through up to 100 participants per day. We can start with an assembly and have classes cycle through our portable maker lab which includes 3D printers, a laser cutter, a CNC machine and more. The price is $1200 for the equipment set up and program delivery by two instructors for the day plus $5 per student participant to cover supply costs for their maker project, a vibrobot.

In-Company Workshops

3D Printer Repairs & Maintenance

What’s the point of having a 3D printer if it’s sitting in the closet broken! We can get your equipment working again and can provide all your materials needs like 3D printer filament.

We can do a maker equipment audit for your school, library or organization for a flat fee of $75. We can help you determine important factors such as equipment safety, whether it's worth fixing older equipment vs. buying newer equipment, and how to get the most out of your existing equipment. We can provide you with quotes for us to fix any broken equipment or can provide you with tips if you want to try doing the repairs yourself. Repairs are billed at $100 an hour, not including parts.


Birthday Parties

A maker birthday party is a great way for kids to have fun while exploring technology related concepts. With Maker Tech 2 Go, we can come come to you, whether it a community centre room you have booked or your home. From arts, 3D design and printing, to electronics and robotics, come explore and build! Ideal for ages 7-12, your party includes all instruction and supplies to create a project from the following themes:

  • Minecraft & 3D printing
  • 3D modelling & 3D printing
  • Robotics
  • Jewelry making

Our memorable birthday parties start at $400.

zen makerlab kids camps

Special events

Maker Lab Strategy and On-Site Assessment

Ready to set up your own maker lab? We can meet you at your site to help with planning, provide insights on layout, safety and equipment considerations such as proper venting of laser cutters, equipment door clearances, and more. We can save you money, time and help you create a safer and more functional maker lab.

We offer an initial one hour consultation at your location for just $100.

Special events

We can organize maker related special events or training or can come to your existing events and provide a memorable experience for your attendees such as 3D scanning and 3D printing them or adding personalization with laser cutting and engraving to swag that is given out an event or rewards.