School Services

PD Days for Educators

We offer innovative professional development day workshops at our Zen Maker Lab headquarters for teachers, librarians, school administrators and other adults interested in learning more about maker technology! We combine the elements of Design, Make and Play and you will leave inspired, with some new skills and bringing home a cool programmable LED nightlight that you will build!

Each workshop is limited to 10 spots so don’t delay in registering!

More information and registration.

In-School Programs

Do you want to get a maker initiative started in your school or just raise awareness of maker technologies and approaches? Perhaps some of your classroom teachers could use help with a classroom demo on 3D printing, electronics, coding, design etc.?

Our one-day, in-school Design-Make-Play program can be an ideal way for your entire school to get inspired and active with maker technology combined with physical literacy!

We come to your school with our Zen Maker Lab2Go van and our sports tech trailer and set up Design, Make and Play zones for your school’s students and teachers to cycle through. Our three experienced instructors combined with three parent volunteers from your school will deliver a memorable, fun and educational program.

Please contact us for more details.


Many school districts and individual schools are setting up or developing further maker labs. It’s a great learning environment for kids but it’s not always easy to optimize how they are set up, to order the best equipment for your needs, to keep the lab safe, and to keep the equipment properly maintained and in good working order. There is nothing worse than a maker lab with a bunch of broken 3D printers sitting unused in the corner because no one know how to use them or fix them!

We have set up many maker labs and operate our own maker lab with a focus on programs for kids and youth so we can help you overcome common mistakes and problems.

Equipment Procurement, Setup, Maintenance and Repair

We can help you procure 3D printers as well as to maintain and repair them. You can also purchase 3D printing filament from our online store or from our Zen Maker Location at 276 East 1st Street in North Vancouver.

Please contact us for more information on our services to schools and school districts.